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Tag: Kim Ki-Duk

What’s Korean Cinema? 11 – Barefooted Youth & Failan


Kenny B and Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid dips into something old and classic as well as contemorary and classic. An examination of classic waves of Korean cinema and what they meant then and now. For this episode Kim Ki-duk’s 1964 “adolescent film” Barefooted Youth (1964) is discussed as well as Song Hae-sung’s classic drama Failan (2001), about an ever growing love between husband and wife that never met.

The original recording turned out quite rough so thanks to Henrik Andersson for restoring it to perfectably listenable quality.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Kim Ki-duk bio/discussion
30m 10s – Barefooted Youth review
53m 38s – Song Hae-sung bio/discussion
62m 20s – Choi Min-shik bio/discussion
74m 15s – Cecilia Cheung bio/discussion
79m 17s – Failan review

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Podcast On Fire 94: LMW: Dog Bite Dog, Make Ken Watch A Film #3: Jigoku

It’s breezy chit-chatting as usual as the POF lounge gets taken over by Stoo and Ken who go into Category III plans for Stoo who also revisits a Category III film from the banned list and Ken gets a taste of freaky Japanese horror in ‘Make Ken Watch A Film’.  Ken’s microphone literally broke between the break so a spare was used, hence the recording level being different in the second half.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/contact info/network updates
12m 36s – Last Movies Watched/Banned List update
45m 00s – Make Ken Watch A Film

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Bad Guy (2001)

Plot (Tartan): A tough gangland leader (Jo Jae-Hyeon) experiences love at first sight when he encounters a young college student (Won Seo) in a crowd. With no concern for public conduct, or the desires of the girl, he forces himself upon her and kisses her in front of her boyfriend. Totally unapologetic, the man is beaten by police and left disgraced.

Desperate to see her again, the man decides to return to the same place. Soon, the student re-appears and she and her boyfriend go on a window shopping trip. However, her desperate lack of money leads her to commit an unfortunate crime, for which her victim demands an uncompromising, pre-planned punishment: She must work as a prostitute to pay the money back. And it is the man who fell in love with her in the crowd that day that will be responsible for taking care of her. Read More