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Tag: Ken’ichi Matsuyama

Japan On Fire 23: Sabu – Bunny Drop


The Sabu filmography has been runny, drivy, walky, cycly…as in cycling, boyband wacky and downbeat and with Bunny Drop, he adds another piece of versatility to his filmography: The straightforward, family-drama.

Running Times:
00ms 00s – Intro/ Sabu biography recap and discussion
17m 43s – Troubleman review
36ms 10s – Bunny Drop manga and anime background, live action movie background
43m 46s – Bunny Drop review

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Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler (2009)

Kaiji Ito is your normal run of the mill guy, penniless, spends his days working in a grocers – How could things get any worse? Kaiji is soon confronted by Endo, a woman who wants to collect an outstanding debt owed to her in Kaiji’s name. She gives him two options; pay the debt off over the next 11 years or join them on a mysterious cruise where he and hundreds of over people will have the chance to clear their debt in one night! Read More

Kamui: The Lone Ninja set for an August release

Manga Entertainment have wrangled the rights and now releasing “Kamui: The Lone Ninja” on DVD and Blu-Ray this August.

Based on the famous Manga series written by Sanpei Shirato, “All Under the Moon” director Yoichi Sai. The movie is lined up with the cream of the crop in Japanese Cinemas next generation of big actors; Death Notes; Ken’ichi Matsuyama, Sukiyaki Western Django’s Koichi Sat as well as Ekin Cheng. Yes you read that right, Hong Kongs own; Ekin Cheng makes an appearance in this movie, I don’t know yet how long an appearance the main man has but hey, my opinion of this movie has improved 100% already.

Kamui: The Lone Ninja is set for a UK release on August 9th on – £19.99 on Bluray and £15.99 on DVD.

Death Note (2006)

Plot: Light (Tatsuya Fujiwara) an intelligent young law student looses his faith in justice when he discovers a large percentage of the criminals in Tokyo can get away with murder. One night he discovers a black note book entitled “Death Note”, inside the notebook there are a list of instructions quoting “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.”

When touching the book he is introduced to a God of Death – Ryuk (Shido Nakamura), he had carelessly dropped the Death Note, but he allows Light to keep the book; “Finders, keepers”.

Unsure whether to believe the books supernatural powers he tries it out be writing down the name of a criminal he saw on the evening news. Shock Horror by the time he’s read the morning paper the criminal had died of a heart attack. With this new ability at his disposal he begins to deal out justice to all evil doers. Read More