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Tag: Dr. Lamb

This Week In Sleaze 38: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Love To Kill & The Underground Banker


Let’s talk some fucking living next door to Dr. Lamb! One actor that took roles left and right, evolved his craft and did not in some cases (by his own admission) was Anthony Wong and he was as much of a mainstay in mainstream, lower rated Hong Kong cinema as in Category III movies. In this episode we take a look at him as an abusive husband in the Kirk Wong produced Love To Kill from 1993 and as a husband having troubles with local loan sharks and living next door to Dr.Lamb in the Wong Jing production The Underground Banker.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro/Anthony Wong bio & discussion
26m 43s – Love To Kill review
60m 34s – William Ho bio/discussion
70m 42s – The Underground Banker review

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This Week In Sleaze 2 – Dr. Lamb & Hong Kong Butcher

Sleazy K and King Who? return with a self-indulgent sequel that does deserve it’s 2 hour + running time. Discussing the 1990s trend of true life crime horror flicks bearing the III, on hand are discussions on the real life serial killer that inspired Dr. Lamb and Hong Kong Butcher. Coincidentally, those are are also the movies up for discussion and review. Stay until the end as well when K and Who? let their inner sleaze out in Last Sleazy Movies Watched!

Clips of movies discussed and posters after the jump: Read More