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Tag: Curry And Pepper

Podcast On Fire 251: Bruce Fontaine Interview Part 1

In this first out of two part-interview with Canadian stuntman, actor and now filmmaker Bruce Fontaine, we cover his Vancouver beginnings, the transition to Hong Kong, favourite movie experiences as a Western action performer and the chance to lead at IFD Films And Arts in the likes of Kickboxer King.

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Podcast On Fire 145: Christmas Special 2012

Two are hungover, one’s high on energy drinks…it can only mean the Podcast On Fire Christmas special is here for the 6th time! Mixing Western (Jingle All The Way, The Ref) and Eastern Christmas picks (Curry And Pepper, Poetry), top 5 lists, and 2013 predictions, the Podcast On Fire Network also would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and thanks for the support this year!

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