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Tag: Clarence Fok

Podcast On Fire 331: On The Wrong Track

Youth gone wild at Shaw Brothers, with Andy Lau and from the director of Naked Killer. With Kenny B and Paul Fox. Read More

Podcast On Fire 211: The Iceman Cometh & The Chinese Feast


Kenny B and Paul Fox wash away the foul stench the Donnie Yen starrer Iceman 3D left behind by watching the 1989 original it was a remake of: The Iceman Cometh. Also from the Lunar New Year of 1995, we talk and review Tsui Hark’s cooking comedy The Chinese Feast.

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This Week In Sleaze 21: Remains Of A Woman & Legal Innocence


Let’s talk fucking that happened for real once again! But also award winning fucking…again. Like on our The Untold Story & The Rapist episode, we’re heading into areas where Hong Kong filmmakers took real life crimes and depicted those stories on the big screen and once again, one of those efforts got an award. This episode Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal are therefore talking Clarence Fok’s Remains Of A Woman and Cha Chuen-yee’s Legal Innocence, and the real crime and court case movies are based on.

Editor’s note: Pardon the audio quality at points where we get loud, tried to reduce that as much as I could in post:

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Running times:
10m 40s – Remains Of A Woman/Legal Innocence true crime background
39m 35s – James Pax bio/discussion
45m 32s – Carrie Ng bio/discussion
53m 50s – Remains Of A Woman review
82m 30s – Francis Ng bio/discussion
89m 14s – Cecilia Yiop bio/discussion
92m 30s – Legal Innocence review

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This Week In Sleaze 4 – Naked Killer

Let’s meet some fokers contained within the direction of Clarence Ford’s Category III classic Naked Killer! Sleazy K and King Who? dissects the 1992 Wong Jing production and its place in the 90s Category III cannon, including cast (Chingmy Yau wow wow wow!) & crew discussion, movie review and its famous promo campaign. As usual Last Sleazy Movies Watched caps an epic discussion. Vibrator used as toothbrush comedy included.

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East Screen / West Screen Podcast
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Show notes with times for each segment during the show: Read More