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Tag: Carrie Ng

The Director’s Series 12: Kirk Wong – Taking Manhattan & Crime Story


He went abroad, to New York specifically to broaden his take on action (although it took 4 years between Gunmen and his next movie) and went into business with Jackie Chan for high profile action with the star taken down a notch and asked to act. Plus not so loving clashes, as opposed to the story on Gunmen, with said star. This is The Director’s Series on Kirk Wong’s Taking Manhattan and Crime Story.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Taking Manhattan background
18m 40s – Carrie Ng bio/discussion
34m 42s – Taking Manhattan review
66m 49s – Crime Story background
65m 50s – Crime Story review

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This Week In Sleaze 21: Remains Of A Woman & Legal Innocence


Let’s talk fucking that happened for real once again! But also award winning fucking…again. Like on our The Untold Story & The Rapist episode, we’re heading into areas where Hong Kong filmmakers took real life crimes and depicted those stories on the big screen and once again, one of those efforts got an award. This episode Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal are therefore talking Clarence Fok’s Remains Of A Woman and Cha Chuen-yee’s Legal Innocence, and the real crime and court case movies are based on.

Editor’s note: Pardon the audio quality at points where we get loud, tried to reduce that as much as I could in post:

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Running times:
10m 40s – Remains Of A Woman/Legal Innocence true crime background
39m 35s – James Pax bio/discussion
45m 32s – Carrie Ng bio/discussion
53m 50s – Remains Of A Woman review
82m 30s – Francis Ng bio/discussion
89m 14s – Cecilia Yiop bio/discussion
92m 30s – Legal Innocence review

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City on Fire (1979)


Plot: Resigning undercover cop – Ko Chow (Chow Yun-Fat) plans resigning are shattered when brought into the station to have a meeting with his boss, Lau (Yueh Sun). Lau tells him that has one job left to do before leaving the force. The job is to infiltrate a violent gang of jewelery thieves, to gain their trust he must pass himself off as a gun dealer, selling weapons to the gang and then work his way into the gang participating in their next heist.

Ko Chow befriends on of the gangs main men – Fu (Danny Lee), both having similar backgrounds they create a decent friendship between them. But Ko Chow is haunted by past missions when one of his best friends were killed because of him. Ko doesn’t want the same thing to happen twice. Read More