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Podcast On Fire 299: The Legend Of Wisely & Bury Me High

Hong Kong’s Indiana Jones style adventurer Wisely has been featured on the big screen in movies such as The Seventh Curse and The Cat, both of which have been covered before on the network, but this time we’re diving deeper into the catalogue as we watch Sam Hui chase a dragon pearl in The Legend Of Wisely from 1987. Also, a feng shui blockbuster looking all kinds of expensive in the form of Bury Me High from 1991. With Kenny B, Paul Fox and Kevin Ma of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Ni Kuang biography and discussion
33m 30s – The Legend Of Wisely review
67m 11s – Tsui Siu-ming discussion
77m 09s – Bury me High review.

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Bury Me High (1991)


Plot: Wisley (Chin Kar-Lok), a computer hacker who is dying of a brain tumor. His research has led him to believe that a Geomancy (feng shui) relic is buried in the Indochina mountains will save him, a relic that the diabolical General Nguen (Yuen Wah) happens to have his ancestors buried at…

To help you under stand, Feng Siu has much to do with the way things are positioned, where you sit on the bus or where you are buried, all these result in what will happen in the future. Wisely’s father (Corey Yuen Kwai) is a expert in Geomancy and had discovered three mountains in Indochina. Each mountain containing the power to change peoples future. One mountain contained ‘Power’ the power to over rule cities, ‘Wealthy’ to lead the wealthy life and ‘Wisdom’ giving you amazing knowledge. Wisleys father was buried under the mountain of Wisdom.

Determined to stop Ngyuen at all costs, Wisley puts together a team of fighters to prevent the mad general from obtaining the relic. This team includes a young business women, Miss Wong. Who has earned millions with her father being buried under the mountain which possessed the Wealth Relic. Tsui Siu-Ming places a Professor at the UCLA who has great interests in Geomancy. Read More