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This Week In Sleaze 36: Tightie Whitie Theatre – The Romance Of The Vampires & Jail Of No Return


Ready for some quick fucking?… again? Sleazy K goes at it solo this episode as well, re-visiting a vampire flick BY the chief maker of Hong Kong vampire flicks and the directorial debut of actor Hugo Ng: the rather professionally made Jail Of No Return. Review of on-camera defecating coming up.

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Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994)

Return To A Better Tomorrow?
Another Wong Jing Movie?
Really Bad?

No! Yes Many people hate Wong Jings movies and this title taken from the popular A Better Tomorrow series by John Woo. But this movie doesn’t star Chow Yun-Fat or Leslie Chung. Wong Jing uses fresh faces such as…Ekin Cheng, Chingmy Yau, Ben Lam and even Michael Wong…

Ekin Cheng plays Tony Chun, a triad leader with a heart. After being framed for possession of some bad drugs, soon Tony is forced to leave Hong Kong. Leaving behind his girlfriend, Chili (Chingmy Yau). Now staying Mainland China for the mean time. Meanwhile we find out it was Brother Lui Wei (Tony’s Triad Boss, played by Ben Lam) who framed him and is now attempting to kill him with help of one his henchmen; Holland Boy (Ngai Sing, also known as Colin Chou).

One of Tony’s low ranked followers; Lobster (Lau Ching-Wan) has an interesting side story. Lobster, aloving father to his little girl, Little Lobster! After being released from hospital, his greeted by Tony and his wife. Although Lobsters wife seems to have lost interest in him and her daughter, after finding out that she covered her daughter in cuts and bruises. Lobster realizes that she is cheating on him and beaten his daughter. Lobster doesn’t take this easy…I wont spoil the rest of the subplot for you. Read More

Flash Point (2007)


Plot: Set in 1996, overly aggressive Cop – Ma (Donnie Yen) is involved in on going case against three Vietnamese triad brothers. In an attempt to bring down this powerful group, Ma’s partner Wilson (Louis Koo) works undercover as a snitch.

With years of loyalty between Wilson and the brothers he’s gained their trust. Although Wilson is growing tired of Ma’s brash attitude and finds his cover blown during a intense chase from the police. The sadistic Brother Tony (Colin Chou) drives down Wilson leaving him for dead.

Fast forward three months and Wilson is now a cripple but only to the effect of a limp. With the eldest Brother Archer behind bars with a court date set in stone, the remaining two brothers begin killing off all witnesses involved with the case and with Wilson inline as the next target, how long can Ma last before he risks every? Read More

Long Arm of the Law (1984)

Plot (Deltamac): In the lower depths of human societies, the dirty rats or big circles are lurking in the shadows of society. Block Head who dotes on his son and tolerates his nagging wife. Chung who is ever so kind to his grandmother. Chung who still loves childhood sweetheart Ah Sheung, now a cabaret hostess.

Rooster and Bull’s Eye. Their leader is Tung (David Lam) who has a perfect plan for a “job” in Hong Kong. In 48 hours, they are to cross the border, rob a jewelry shop and then get back across the border… Read More

Legend of the Wolf (1997)

Hey another really old Stoo Review, bare with me.

The Plot: Donnie Yen plays Man Hin, He suffered from amnesia that he contracted while fighting with a group of bandits through the opening sequences. With only glimpses of his past as his guide, he seeks out a woman he once knew and must defend her and the local villagers from bandits with the help of local youth ‘Wai’.

Personal Thought: When I first received this movie through the post, I quickly put it in my DVD player and waited in anticipation to see Donnie Yen. Just after the opening fight sequences I was hit, I knew this film was great. I was then stunned with a good battle between Dayo Wong and two local farmers, yet it turned into an amazing fight sequence with Donnie Yen and a group of Ben Lam’s Bandits. The film soon develops into a tale of Man Hin looking for his lost love, Wu Yee played by Carman Lee. Also with the amazing battle royal with the villagers fighting against the bandits, led by Ben Lam. This film has taken Donnie Yen to higher level, but the film has a terrific twist in the end to do with Carman and Ben. He he he. And I must say no one else could the role of the bandit leader apart from Ben Lam!