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Tag: 1998

What’s Korean Cinema? 53 – Whispering Corridors

New wave Korean cinema of the late 90s and onwards logged iconic imagery, settings and atmosphere. Whether through blockbuster action, exploration of vengeance, relationships between North and South Korea at the DMZ but in one of the film industries OG years, at the start of a re-birth we find spooky stuff set in a school for girls. The first in a long running, unconnected series, in this episode we take a look at 1998’s Whispering Corridors. With Kenny B and Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro/girl school horror series breakdown/state of Korean cinema in 1998
22m 14s – Box office, awards, notes on the director
38m 00s – Whispering Corridors review.

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Rush Hour (1998)


Yes you know the story, the biggest mouth in the west meets the fast hands in the east…

Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) from Hong Kong prevents precious pieces of China’s history being smuggled out of the country by local crime lord, Jun Tao. Although Jun Tao viciously seeks revenge by kidnapping the daughter of the American Chinese Consul, Consul Han (Tzi Ma)…

Consul Han has the FBI set on the case, but he believes they aren’t capable of handling this case, so he brings in one of his own men from Hong Kong, Inspector Lee. Although the FBI have their own plans for Inspector Lee. They rope in an FBI wanna’be police officer from Los Angles Police Department, Inspector Carter (Chris Tucker).

The FBI have Carter pick up and look after Inspector Lee, although the cultural differences is basically mixing your hand with toaster, yes Trouble. Although when both Lee and Carter put their differences aside for the Consuls daughter, Soo-Yung… Read More

Hong Kong X-Files (1998)

During the Ghost Festival a vengeful sprit appears and begins murdering men who regularly visit ‘Horny Keung’s Sauna Saloon’. Horny Keung is talented in the art of black magic and is very superstitious when it comes to wondering spirits. Keung also uses his black magic to control his masseurs, turning from masseurs into rapid sex machines, making his Saloon the best in Hong Kong.

Although after the first gruesome murder (a sleazy middle aged man had his penis ripped off) the police are called in to check this case out. Mui (Chin Kar-Lok) and Ben (Bowie Lam) are just plain confused by this murder, no man has the power to rip of limbs, so Mui starts to question is their is ghosts haunting the sauna. Ben being the traditional stubborn cop doesn’t give Mui’s suggestion a second thought.

The next night Mui returns to the Sauna to question a couple of the masseurs, although one of them trick and uses a strand of his pubic hair to cast put him under a spell. Horny Keung entraps Mui with the dire spell of blocking up Mui’s ass, leaving him very constipated. Although the masseur who mistreated Mui soon becomes very attached to him after he and Ben saved her from a gang rape from Keungs men.

The Masseur tells Mui and Ben about May, the ghost who is terrorizing the men at the sauna. May’s husband, Peter got tricked by Keung, leaving hi in the debt of 5 Million, yet she was unable to them. Peter attempted to escape and ended up getting murdered and May was raped then drowned, luckily enough May didn’t die, but she has ended up in a coma. Now her sprit is killing off Keungs men, seeking vengeance. But everything her sprit leaves her body she has less chance of recovering….

The only way of contacting May now is through a elderly/ghostly kung fu fighting doctor! Read More

Hitman (1998)


There’s always a price to pay when you hire an assassin, from 10 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently a mysterious killer, known as the ‘Angel Of Death’ has appeared in Hong Kong. Asking no payment for his services because all of his targets are evil men and they deserve to die. The Angel of Death is considered to be The King Of Killers. Although no one knows the true identity of the Angel. This masked assassin is a force not to be reckoned with. The opening scenes of the film. The Angel of Death claims the life of a smutty billionaire, Mr. Tsukamoto. In Mr. Tsukamoto Will he mentions if he is killed by an assassin $100 Million US will be rewarded to the person who kills the assassin…This is where our Story begins. Read More

Casino (1998)

Plot (Mei Ah): It was the summer of 1991, Macau was in violent atmosphere. The two major triad gangs, separately by Giant (Simon Yam) and Ping (Ng Chi-Hung), were fighting for the control of the local casinos, with heavy casualties on both sides. The citizens live in fear.

However, Ping did not regard Giant as a rival. To establish his own reputation, Giant challenged Ping to an open battle which allowed their fellow attacking each other for a period of seven days to see that who will be severely defeated. With the support of an affiliated gang headed by Lee, Giant won the battle and made his mark in the triad world.

Ping plotted a revenge against Giant that he bribed the police officer to put Giant on the “wanted” list. Although Giant was in critical condition, he planned a counter attack against Ping which caused a series of street fighting in Macau… Read More

The Blacksheep Affair (1998)


Plot: Yim Dong (Chiu Man Cheuk) is cop dedicated to his job, one day disobeyed orders during a hijacking and killed the leader of the hijackers (Hung Yan-Yan). With Yim carelessness he is reposted in the East European country of Lavernia. Upon arriving in Lavernia he is reunited with an old work colleague, Hung (Ken Wong).

When leaving the train station Yim & Hung and up battling and arresting a Japanese Cult leader, Keizo Mishima (Andrew Lin). Keizo was responsible for the Tokyo Train Station Gas Attack earlier in the year. Yim slowly settling into his new surroundings he meets his childhood sweetheart, Tammy (Shu Qi). Tammy fled from China a couple years back after war broke in Tiananmen Square. She too now lives in Lavernia and feels blessed to be reunited with her ‘knight in shining armor’.

But now Yim finds out the Lavernian Minister is linked with Keizo and he wants his leader back or the Chinese population in Lavernia will fall… Read More

Bio Zombie (1998)


Plot: Woody Invincible (Jordan Chan) and his mate Crazy Bee (Sam Lee) are two triad lackey’s who run a bootleg VCD shop in a shopping centre. When picking up their bosses car from the mechanics they accidentally run over a man with a briefcase. When they check to see if the man is alright he plea’s for a soft drink, they find a bottle of juice by his briefcase and give the dying man his last request. Thinking that their thirst quenched buddy has passed on they decide to chuck him in the boot and get back to work.

When trying to make some extra money to pay off their debt’s they decide to steal the dead man’s phone and mug one of the workers at the beauty salon (also stationed in the shopping mall). The beautician, Rolls (Angela Tong) has a hunch that it was Woody and Bee that attacked her so she and her friend Jelly decides to treat the fella’s to some Saki and see if they could coax and answer out of both of them.

During this period the festering corps in the boot of the car has been brought back to life and has feasted on a security guard passing on this virus bringing the dead back to life. There Zombies Baby! Read More