EP 176 – NATURAL DISASTER SEASON – Armageddon (1998)

Harry, the clock on that nine-foot nuclear weapon is ticking… YEAH BOY! Stoo and Magic Mike check-in to the third week of their Natural Disaster Season with Michael Bays ARMAGEDDON. » Read more

DVD Review – Animal Factory (2000)

Animal Factory tells the story of a young offender, Ron Decker (Edward Furlong), thrown into a rough as f*ck prison with offenders 5-10 years his senior. Rather than see him caught bullied into a gang, he’s taken under the wing of a senior offender called Earl (Willem Defoe). Earl puts himself and his crew at risk to make sure Rick isn’t chewed up and spat out by the prison system – but it isn’t long before wants a piece of the fresh face kid. » Read more

EP 150 – Tarantino Month – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Welcome to Tarantino Month  – Stoo, Andy & Magic Mike start off with Reservoir Dogs (1992), prior to the film we pay respect to comedy legend Jerry Lewis and horror director Toby Hooper. » Read more

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