EP 179 – NETFLIX SEASON – Blow Out (1981)

In the lead up to the holiday break, Stoo and Magic Mike decide to tackle a few films from their Netflix Watch lists. This week we start with Mikes pick; Brian De Palma’s conspiracy thriller; BLOW OUT w/ John Travolta, Nancy Allan and that cunt fi 3rd Rock from the Sun. » Read more

Blu-Ray Review – Psycho II (1983)

Taking place 22 years after the events of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho – Psycho II tells the tale of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) as he is deemed mentally suitable to return society and return to the Bates Motel.

Through the help of his doctor (Robert Loggia) and some nice Christian folk, he gets a job at a local diner and things appear to going well when he befriends a young waitress called Mary (Meg Tully). Then Norman receives a phone call from his mother… » Read more