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Yes Madam! (1985)


Plot: Scottish Businessman Richard Nordon was known to have a small piece of microfilm, with criminating evidence against crime lord Tin (James Tien). Richard attempts to bargain with Tin’s henchman, Dick (Dick Wei). Dick is in no mood to bargain, so he kills Richard on the spot and then goes for the microfilm. Although his plan doesn’t work when a Bellboy comes in the room. This mysterious Bellboy ends up stealing from Richard (To Whom he thinks is sleeping) and ends up taking the microfilm as well without known it. Dick has to escape when the police hit the scene.

The police officer in charge is Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh), she was a personal friend of Richard and is more than happy to arrest the crooks. She believes that is was the Bellboy who murdered him, as she say him leaving the room. Ng’s boss, Chief Inspector Wong (Melvin Wong) decides to bring in one of Richards colleagues from Scotland Yard to help with the investigation.

Carrie Morris (Cynthia Rothrock) is a tough cookie and believes in using her fists before her brain. She apprehends a thug who is attempting to leave the country and he was also using Richard Nordons passport.

It turns out that he had bought this passport from a guy who sells fake goods, mainly passports and weapons. Everyone knows this person as Panadol (Tsui Hark). Panadol is a real slippery fish with a workshop that has more tricks and trapdoors than you can imagine. He is accompanied by two dim sidekicks, Strepsil (John Shum) and Aspirin (Mang Hoi). Both Strepsil and Aspirin were the Bellboys stealing from the hotel rooms the night Richard died.

The trio soon find the microfilm and they find out what its worth, but they are mixed with the decision of either handing it over to the police or handing it over to Mr. Tin…

Review: When I first looked at this film, I thought negatively towards the film, considering it to be linked with In The Line Of Duty 4. In The Line of Duty 4 worked well with Donnie Yen at the helm, but with Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh…maybe not. After recently watching the trailer I was delighted to see the amusing cameo’s from Sammo Hung, Richard Ng and David Chiang. Along with the familiar faces of John Shum, Mang Hoi and Tsui Hark.

After watching the movie, I was quite surprised with it being a strange blend of films. To make a film like Yes Madam you need to have these ingredients;

In The Line Of Duty (Action) + Righting Wrongs (Cast / Action) + Pom Pom (Comedy) and even Rush Hour (Storyline) = Yes Madam.

Now the action in the movie was superb. Michelle showing off some great skills and some cool stunts. Cynthia Rothrock was at her usual standards. After noticing Chin Kar-Lok and Hsiao Ho in the midst of Bad Guy extras, I would think that Sammo Hung would have had his stunt team working on set and boy did they get a good work out!

The final fights were also great with classic bad guys, Dick Wei and Chung Fat battling against our heroines. John Shum even gets to show off his insane samurai techniques, which is quite amusing.

Final thoughts, a lovely blend of action and comedy along with a decent act, all good in my opinion.

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