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Portland Street Blues (1998)


The life story of the infamous Hung Hing branch leader; Sister Thirteen.

Thirteen (Sandra Ng) and her buddy Yun (Kirsty Yang) spend their days conning people of their money and annoying her father Tat (Ng Man-Tat) for more money. One night Thirteen and Yun attend a boxing race where thirteen falls for a Tun-Sing boxer called Coke (Alex Fong).

That night Tat ends up winning the mark six lottery, earning over $600,000. He’s so happy he ends up telling all his friends and even branch leader of a rival triad group (Luen Wo Group), the branch leader – SOB mugs Tat and steals his ticket from his leaving him in a beaten state. Yun wants to teach SOB a lesson, so Thirteen agrees to sell Yun to SOB as a prostitute, although Yun plans to take his money and sneak out the bathroom window when she gets the chance.

Things go wrong and Yun escapes, but Thirteen is captured. Being beaten to a pulp, Thirteen’s father, Tat comes to the rescue wielding a big knife. Tats luck runs out when the blade breaks and SOB and his thugs kill Tat in cold blood. Thirteen is left with her father and she swears revenge..

This is a great spin off movie from the Young & Dangerous series. The film has many great characters including Coke who Sister thirteen goes onto live with when both her & Coke flee Portland Street. The subtle Scarface (Shu Qi) who’s ex-lover James disowned her for being a whore. He leaves her beaten, killing their unborn child. Thirteen comforts her and helps getting revenge against the bastard, James.

There is even more than a fare share of appearance from regular Young & Dangerous stars including; Prince, Brother Key, Brother Bee, Ben Hon, Pao-Pee, Banana Skin and Chan Ho-Nam. Although there was no appearances from either Michael Tse (although with the consciences of Y&D4 It might be impossible for him to make an appearance) and all the talk of Jordan Chan’s character ‘Chicken’ is that he is Thailand praying to Buddha.

My thoughts of this film, bloody excellent, Sandra Ng can hold a movie.

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