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Crime Story (1993)


A Group of five men all leading different life styles come together forming a cult to kidnap a corrupt businessman, Wong Yat-Fei. The group is led by Raymond Hung (Kent Cheng), a lead detective in Organised Crime & Triad Bureau. The other four are Ng Kwok-Wah (Chung Fat) head of Wo Lok Tong triads along with his brother Ng Kowk-Yan (Ken Lo). Simen Ting the director of Xing Ha Brokerage & Yen Chi-Sheng the CEO of ‘Red Star Cooperative’.

The reasons for this vast crime is of the dream that their actions will bring them great wishes…

Wong Yat-Fei has suspected this kidnapping, he believes in a sixth sense which has brought his business great success in the past. Although people believe that Yat-Fei is being too over protective as he was kidnapped in the past.

Inspector Chan (Jackie Chan) has been been given the case to protect Wong. After a false alarm Chan actually a labour dispute between Wong and his workers. But later that day the real deal happens and Chan is at a race against the clock to save him and his wife…

Jackie Chan showing off his acting skills in a completely different genre compared to past flicks such as City Hunter & My Lucky Stars. Crime Story shows Jackie in an entire different light as a stern, troubled cop who doesn’t know where to turn next.

Kent Cheng was also surprising, in his more known films he was the loyal side kick of Wong Fei-Hung or the Dopey Fat Cat from Lucky Stars Go Places, but this film has surely given Kent some recognition.

The usual Jackie Chan regulars make their appearances too, Mars is noticeable in the opening sequences wielding a shotgun. Ken Lo even makes a impact as he lets off a on screen kiss between him and Jackie! Also stuntman / Young & Dangerous regular Blacky Ko makes an appearance as Chan & Raymonds Taiwanese contact.

One of the most disturbing facts of the film is that this is based on true story in the early 1990’s, but of course the story has been changed slightly and the characters have had different names given etc. etc.

Crime Story is a dark crime thriller which shouldn’t be missed, with mixes of strong action and intense car chases, why not?

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