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Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Picking up six years after we last seen the motor mouth carter and Kung fu Lee. The pair is reunited in LA where Lee is escorting Ambassador Han to the World Court to propose a testimony, revealing a list of all the leaders in China’s deadliest Triad organization.

Paying for his sins against the world, Carter is working as a traffic cop. As you can expect the all singing and dancing Carter still manages to screw up this job, especially when it’s rush hour! (Sorry, I just had to pun!).

Before he could reveal the list Ambassador Han is struck down in an assassination attempt. Hot on the pursuit of the shooter (Hiroyuki Sanada), Lee soon catches up be realizing his connection with the killer leaves him with a lump in his throat allowing him to escape.

The Ambassadors daughter Soo-Yung (Zhang Jingchu) to whom is now a young woman feared that this might happen, she advises Lee that she has an envelope with key evidence of her father’s proposal. They just need to collect it from her locker at the local karate academy.

Madness arises leading both Lee and Carter on a whirlwind trip to Paris chasing the infamous list for Ambassador Han. In Paris they meet aromatic singer/dancer Genevieve (Noemie Lenoir), she’s some how connected with this whole mess and they discover that the list is a lot closer to home than they both realize. Read More

Rush Hour 2 (2001)


Everyone’s favorite crime fighting odd couple are back, this time travel from Hong Kong and Las Vegas.

Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and LAPD detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) pick up exactly from where they left off, traveling to Hong Kong on a well needed break. As per usual Carter and Lee aren’t getting along, Carter wanting example to some Hong Kong’s delights, mainly its women. Lee being dedicated to his work leads both he and Carter into a money smuggling ring, where $100 bills are being made and shipped directly to Las Vegas.

The head of this smuggling ring is Ricky Tan (John Lone), being a former police officer and the partner of Lee’s father and it soon turns out to that Ricky was his murder, making this case very personal for Lee… Read More

Rush Hour (1998)


Yes you know the story, the biggest mouth in the west meets the fast hands in the east…

Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) from Hong Kong prevents precious pieces of China’s history being smuggled out of the country by local crime lord, Jun Tao. Although Jun Tao viciously seeks revenge by kidnapping the daughter of the American Chinese Consul, Consul Han (Tzi Ma)…

Consul Han has the FBI set on the case, but he believes they aren’t capable of handling this case, so he brings in one of his own men from Hong Kong, Inspector Lee. Although the FBI have their own plans for Inspector Lee. They rope in an FBI wanna’be police officer from Los Angles Police Department, Inspector Carter (Chris Tucker).

The FBI have Carter pick up and look after Inspector Lee, although the cultural differences is basically mixing your hand with toaster, yes Trouble. Although when both Lee and Carter put their differences aside for the Consuls daughter, Soo-Yung… Read More

Romeo Must Die (2000)

A modern day interpretation of the Shakespeare classic ‘Romeo & Julliet’ (Hence the title). Han Sing (Jet Li), an ex-cop sent to prison to take the wrap for his young brother and father, to whom are both Hong Kong Crime lords. His father and his brother both move to San Francisco to escape their troubles.

After hearing about the death of his younger brother, he escapes from prison and gets the first plane to the San Francisco. Han’s main objective is to find out why and who killed his brother and then avenge his death. Although he meets a sassy young girl name Trish. Trish is the daughter of Business man (Delroy Lindo) who is doing deals with Hans father. Although members of both groups are being killed off, which is stirring up some trouble between the two businesses. But can Han avenge his brother and solve these gang murders? Read More