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Tag: Tzi Ma

Rush Hour (1998)


Yes you know the story, the biggest mouth in the west meets the fast hands in the east…

Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) from Hong Kong prevents precious pieces of China’s history being smuggled out of the country by local crime lord, Jun Tao. Although Jun Tao viciously seeks revenge by kidnapping the daughter of the American Chinese Consul, Consul Han (Tzi Ma)…

Consul Han has the FBI set on the case, but he believes they aren’t capable of handling this case, so he brings in one of his own men from Hong Kong, Inspector Lee. Although the FBI have their own plans for Inspector Lee. They rope in an FBI wanna’be police officer from Los Angles Police Department, Inspector Carter (Chris Tucker).

The FBI have Carter pick up and look after Inspector Lee, although the cultural differences is basically mixing your hand with toaster, yes Trouble. Although when both Lee and Carter put their differences aside for the Consuls daughter, Soo-Yung… Read More