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Tag: The Storm Warriors

Storm Warriors DVD/BL Details Revealed

The duo of Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok will grace our screens in a few weeks with the DVD and Blu-Ray release on July 12th. We got wind of the special features, we already know that Bey Logan bet me to the punch when it came to recording the Audio Commentary. Here’s a complete list of features;

Audio commentary by Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan; 7 ‘making of’ featurettes; 3 special effects featurettes; interview gallery; trailer gallery; English subtitles; Dolby Digital Cantonese 2.0 & 5.1 (DVD) and DTS HD MA Cantonese 5.1 (Blu-ray) audio options.

Me & Cine-Asia R BBF 4 Lyfe!

Lets rephrase the title; Cine-Asia schedule release of Storm Warriors: Ultimate Edition DVD/Blu-Ray.

Cine-Asia plan to release the movie on 12th July 2010, which is silly because my birthday is in August, not July! No special features have been released yet but Bey Logan was quoted a few weeks ago that his first Audio Commentary for Cine-Asia would be for “Storm Riders 2”.

Pre-Order your copy now..

Podcast On Fire 48: Jaa vs. Yen – The battle for supremecy in the UK cinema world


As the Stoo is away (enjoying social life instead…Guitar Hero) for the opening of the show there will be no Storm Warriors gushing for our demoted host as Ken and Mike open an echoey (sorry about that) first 12 minutes with trailer discussion of hot movies coming out of Asia. Eventually some of them will reach the UK so the trio share their thoughts and covers the current cinema climate for Asian cinema in the UK. There’s also a feelgood story within in the plugging so join us the entire way through why don’t ya?

The Storm Warriors full trailer online!

Possibly the most anticpated Hong Kong movie for me this year has to be “The Storm Warriors”, the Pang brothers directing the sequel to the hit “Stormriders”. From the looks of the trailer, Christmas can’t come sooner! I might just have to fly to Hong Kong to see the movie on the 17th. It just looks so damn good! so good! I plan on write more about this as soon as possible, if I get my act together you might be able to read about this the magazines. Peace Out!