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Tag: The Quiet Family

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 48: The Happiness Of The Katakuris

Kim Jee-woon’s The Quiet Family was so impactful it got a remake. Not an American one but Japan’s Takashi Miike handled it, with a musical and stop motion animated touch.

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What’s Korean Cinema? 44 – The Quiet Family

Kim Jee-woon bursts onto Korean cinema screens and leaves a funny trail of dead people behind him. We watch Song Kang-ho, Choi Min-sik and company trying to run a lodge and dispose of bodies effectively in the black comedy The Quiet Family from 1998. With Kenny B and Paul Quinn of Hangul Cellulouid.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro/Kim Jee-woon’s career and discussion.
43m 37s – The Quiet Family review.

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Podcast On Fire 253: 2017 Christmas Special

We close out 2017 with the return of the Podcast On Fire Network Virtual Pub Quiz! Reigning champion Kenny B is your Lord Quizmaster and the contestants are Tom K-W, Paul Fox (East Screen West Screen) and Todd Stadtman (author of Please Don’t Be Waiting For Me). The show is definitely not sponsored by Hallmark.

Cast From The Past: Podcast On Fire 3 – AKA Untitled Asian Film Podcast 3

The next Cast From The Past (a series of shows lost from our iTunes feed and website) from 2007 features Stoo, Ken and Jeff Wildman. Originally known as Untitled Asian Cinema Podcast 3, Stoo interviews Jeff about favourite actors and directors, there’s discussions of Asian remakes and who the most influential, current Hong Kong filmmakers are according to the trio.

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