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Phil G returns and brings to Kenny B and Hong Kong Dave the Korean remake of John Woo's A Better Tomorrow Discount Avodart, . At 2 hours, Avodart usa, 30mg Avodart, how does it fare and can you avoid comparing it to Woo's original. Also network updates, Avodart ebay, 1000mg Avodart, talks of Takashi Miike's Harakiri, The Prodigal Son and the last 15 years of Chow Yun-fat's career, Avodart craiglist. Avodart uk, Ken also snorts coke.

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Buy Abilify Over The Counter, Dusting off a third (and final?) audition tape from the Podcast On Fire Network vaults, friend and veteran (or elder statesman) of the show Phil Gillon (Eastern Film has agreed to join the network and this was introductury chat with Ken. Covering his journey into Asian film obsession and the creation of his site, 1000mg Abilify, 200mg Abilify, also included are network updates covering the latest The Director's Series and what's in the store for the future. Insanity also strikes since Phil G rewatched a movie before the show as well.., 500mg Abilify. 30mg Abilify, on his way to reaching viewing number 13.

Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, 150mg Abilify, 750mg Abilify, via our forum (containing EXCLUSIVE content and announcements!), Facebook page, 50mg Abilify, Abilify australia, Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire, @sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed, 20mg Abilify. Abilify craiglist, Music courtesy of Brian Kirby ( whose awesome clothing line you can find at

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The Audition (1999)


The Audition seemed to be another cheesy romantic film, Husband looses his wife, Son suggests he gets a new wife, he holds an audition for a new wife, finds one. She cuts of one of his feet and turns him in to a human pin cushion. Yes Takashi Miike strikes again with his ’99 hit film “The Audition” Shigeharu (Ryo Ishibashi) after loosing his wife, Shigeharu seems to spend more and more of his time working at a television studio with his mate. This poor guy seems harmless, he’s Generally a good guy, kind father, good friend. He even looks after the family dog well. Although after the idea of auditioning woman to become a potential wife, he sprung to the idea. Shigehiko (Tetsu Sawaki), Shigeharu’s vibrate son just seems to be a normal teenager, inviting girls round, he and his father seem to have an understanding, they both respect each other, by not making fun of his son in front of his new girlfriend, using one of the best chat up lines known to date “I thought she was pretty, so I went and spoke to her!”. which is usually seen in every Teen comedy nowadays. Shigehiko looking so young and frail comes to his days rescue as he meets Asami for the first time. Asami (Eihi Shiina), on the outside she seems kind, gentle and quite. She seemed to be a keen ballet. Although after an injury to her hip when she was 18. She takes to Shigeharu like the cyclist to the bike. She seems to be very keen on Shigeharu which is good for him. Although after sleeping with her one night she disappeared! Shigeharu is desperate to find her and he tries his best until she finds him first! Miike leads the last half hour of the audition into the twisted and disturbing past of Asami. Showing the mutilated human tied up in a sack. Beheading her ballet teacher. An Shigeharu receiving the ‘oral’ treatment from many different women!? Including Asami and Shigehiko’s girlfriend (don’t worry it doesn’t go into any erotic detail). My thought of The Audition is varied. One this film is a complete opposite compared to his most recent work ‘Ichi The Killer’. More like Jackie Chan in ’93 where he filmed both City Hunter and Crime Story. Eihi Shiina played her role as if she has been waiting for it since the day she was born, the entire story was very convincing, although it would never make sense on a realistic term. But if your wanting a film with no extreme gore or strong violence Audition is a better choice, but believe me, it’s a must see of a film, Asian Cinema fan or not!
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