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Tag: Taiwanese

Taiwan Noir 18: The Big Calamity


General Guan Yu battles aliens from Mars. Interested yet?

This slowly more widespread 1976 movie The Big Calamity (aka War God) is an event unlike any other from Taiwan. An event that sparks giddiness in even non fans of the men in suits smashing buildings and battling other man in suits-movies. Taiwan was a little Kaiju-engine that could

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/The Big Calamity production background/Taiwan Kaiju through the ages
42m 00s – Chen Hung-min bio/discussion
51m 58s – General Guan Yau background
58m 18s – The Big Calamity review

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Blood Brothers (2007)

Plot: “Blood Brothers” is the story of three friends, Fong and two brothers; Kang and Hu. They leave their old village lives behind in the slums of the mainland. They travel to Shanghai where they seek wealth and a better live for themselves as well as their families.

Kang manages to score them job working in one of the most swanky night clubs in Shanghai “Paradise”. Paradise is owned by successful movie producer Hong, but Hong also leads a double life as highly feared crime lord who rules Shanghai with deadly enforcers.

The group of friends find themselves tested as become enforcers for Hong. Wealth and power comes their way at a price, a price so grand it could only be paid in blood.

Let the gangster’s paradise of lust, loyalty and betrayal begin… Read More