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Tag: Ricky Hui

Podcast On Fire 272: Fantasia

A Lunar New Year comedy is perhaps not the best pick for an in depth discussion as they are often designed as harmless, audience friendly entertainment. They sometimes stand out, they sometimes don’t as the stars of the day ham it up and play dress up. But when Milkyway’s Wai Ka-fai brought 2004’s Fantasia to the Lunar New Year Screens, it was conceived and made with an eye towards beloved Hong Kong comedy of the past. Main target being the comedies of the of the Hui Brothers Michael, Sam and Ricky. So is this comedy only for the locals or can Westerners penetrate Fantasia? With Kenny B and the the crew of the East Screen West Screen podcast: Paul Fox and Kevin Ma.

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Podcast On Fire 102: The Audition Tapes Part 2

Meet David Harris (or Hong Kong Dave), the second “candidate” for the role of a Podcast On Fire Network co-host. The long chat includes memories of John Woo, Ricky Hui and ye olde video stores.  Godfrey Ho and I Saw The Devil-love also included.

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From Rags to Riches (1980)

Plot (Deltamac): Ricky (Ricky Hui) and Fatso (Johnny Koo) are friends in need. They are in dire need of money since they are only paid slave wages at the bottling factory.

However, they become millionaires overnight after buying a winning lottery ticket. During one of their swingin’ nights on the town, Ricky is suddenly attacked by an upset stomach; and in no time, a quack doctor diagnoses the seizure as terminal cancer.

Ricky seriously considers suicide. But he is appalled by the drawbacks inherent in the available methods of doing himself in–primarily the pain! It is on a rooftop from which he is supposed to make a plunge that he saves a poor man from suicide by giving the latter all the money he has.

In gratitude, the newly rich man promises to hire a killer to finish off his suffering benefactor… Read More

Mr. Vampire (1985)


Plot (HKL Edition): Inspired by Pu Song-ling’s legendary collection of horror stories in Liaozhai Zhiyi, ‘Mr. Vampire’ is a multi-leveled, kaleidoscopic action-adventure which combines the supernatural, elements of black comedy and award-winning action in one of the most successful Hong Kong pictures ever made. Read More