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Tag: Phillip Ko

Podcast On Fire 313: Profile In Anger & Danger Has Two Faces

In another entry in The Versus-series, Leung Kar-yan makes his directorial debut with the wild revenge actioner Profile In Anger from 1984 and in the Shaw Brothers production Danger Has Two Faces from 1985 he’s an ex-cop turned assassin for hire. With Kenny B and Michael Scott of the Adkins Undisputed podcast.

00m 00s – Intro/Leung Kar-Yan biography.
23m 30s – Profile In Anger review.
54m 15s – Alex Cheung biography.
60m 45s – Danger Has Two Faces review

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Podcast On Fire 170: Hong Kong Horror Month – Devil Fetus & Seeding Of A Ghost


It’s part 3 of our homage to 80s Hong Kong horror and it’s getting wild tonight with Devil Fetus (aren’t you sold already?) and a trip into the mad minds at Shaw Brothers during the 80s in terms of dealing with this genre. Therefore it’s also 1983’s Seeding Of A Ghost we’re covering for this episode so with Kenny B is Sleazy K’s co-host The Great Lord Joshua Regal from This Week In Sleaze and it’s fitting, one of the movies was Category III at least on one video version and the other has plenty of nudity. It’s kind of like the Tightie Whitie Theater after all.

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The Director’s Series 1: One Way Only (1981) & Brothers From The Walled City (1982)

Welcome to the debut of The Director’s Series where we try and expand your knowledge (if you want it that is) of directors you may love via only one movie, may love via multiple movies but don’t know the name to put next to that love. Starting with Nam Nai-choi, the director of Story Of Ricky, Ken and David go back to the very beginning and examines Nam’s first two movies as director (at Shaw Brothers to boot). Expect talks of Nam himself, Danny Lee, Chin Siu-ho, Phillip Ko and Johnny Wang.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Nam Nai Choi
19m 05s – Danny Lee
36m 12s – One Way Only Review
53m 29s – Brothers From The Walled City intro/Chin Siu-ho bio
60m 10s – Phillip Ko bio
69m 05s – Johnny Wang bio
75m 10s – Brothers From The Walled City review

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