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Tag: Mismatched Couples

Press Clippings (April/May)

All of the press Podcast on Fire gets in magazines are posted here. If you find a clipping we haven’t posted, please email us and we’ll throw it up here. We’ve had several posts on Far East Films, LoveHKFilm and Kung Fu Cult Cinema on the world wide computer web but those are so plentiful, we won’t re-post them here. *ahem*

Impact Magazine April 09


Imact Magazine Website (17 March 2009)


Commentary on Fire 2: Mismatched Couples

COF Return with a commentary on 1985’s Mismatched Couples! Yes we are probably only doing this for our community, but this was worth it! It took five attempts for us to get the comm going, but we got there in the end.

Credits: Mike Leeder, Hong Kong Movie Database, Internet Movie Database, Hong Kong Cinemagic, Hong Kong Cinema View From The Brooklyn Bridge.

For those without the dvd, you can find the commentary timed to video, in 2 parts, here.