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Tag: Michelle Reis

Podcast On Fire 321: The Wicked City

Producer Tsui Hark takes his love for Japanese manga and anime by taking one of its popular films Wicked City to the big live screen as… The Wicked City. Will Leon be Lai or Bye in terms of his efforts in this film? With Kenny B and Phil G.

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Music courtesy of Brian Kirby.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro, novel background, on the anime, live action remake and reception.
23m 20s – The Wicked City review.

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Beauty and the Breast (2002)


Plot: Mario (Francis Ng) and Harper (Daniel Wu) are two womanizers who are fascinated with breasts, they have terms and a boob-olgy. They are both personal assistants for a Chairman of an Ointment company. Brother Fat (Matt Chow) is the chairman of the “Piggy Oil” Company. In a bid to modernize his company Fat is convinced by his new senior executives (two big breasted women by the names of Catalina & Lilliana) releasing a new product through the company “Boobie Boosters”, an ointment which enhances the breast tissues.

These two new entry’s to the company become an annoyance to the other women workers. Yuki (Michelle Reis) and her friends Ada (Amanda Strang) & Amy (Halina Lam) find themselves intimidated by the executives. Amy is currently dating Harper, although she is clearly aware that he us eyeing bigger breasted women.

Mario is propositioned into a bet from Fat, woo Yuki into sleeping with him within three weeks and he’ll buy him a BMW, if he fails he’ll loose three months salary.

Mario (aka Playboy No.1) uses the sympathy card on Yuki playing her into believing that he’s dying from a brain tumor. Gullible Yuki is keen on healing Mario and tricks him into visiting her father, a great herbal doctor, who can sense the illness in his patients just by feeling their pulse.

Yuki’s father breaks the news to her and she is furious. To get revenge on the womanizer she takes her revenge against by pouring her fathers own herbal powder know as the ‘Royal Recipe’, which guarantee’s breast development, where as the Boobie Boosters turn out to have some bad side-effects. Read More

Young and Dangerous 4 (1997)


This Review will contain spoilers from Past films in the series as well as this film.

With the death of Mr. Chiang (Simon Yam) in the 3rd movie. The branch leaders of Hung Hing attend the Wedding of Yee (Michael Tse) to KK. During the after party, Chan Ho-Nam (Ekin Cheng) and the other branch leaders meet, The Prince (Ken Lo). The Prince tells them that Mr. Chiang has a younger brother who lives in Thailand…

The Prince suggests that the Hung Hing Branch Leaders travel to Thailand and reason with Mr. Chiang (Alex Man). At the same time as the Branch Leaders are in Thailand, a Branch Leader of the Tuen Mun is killed on Chan Ho-Nam’s Turf. Now the newly Appointed Chairman, Mr. Chiang needs to decide who will take over the turf?

One half of the turf is given to Chicken (Jordan Chan) and the other half is given to The Barbarian, no not Conan. Both Chicken & Barbarian met at Yee’s wedding and they didn’t get along. Now its going full force, Barbarian enjoys disrespecting Chicken.

Chan Ho-Nam isn’t happy one bit with Chicken trying to be a branch leader, not for jealously reasons, he knows what trouble to expect from Barbarian and his crew.

Yes Karen Mok is back! Yes as Chickens girlfriend, Lam Shuk-Fan. Now she is beginning a new teaching job. Although the students are from Barbarian Group. Even Banana Skin (Jason Chu) & Pou Pan (Jerry Lamb) make appearances, working in the school, mainly keeping Shuk-Fan company. Pou Pan even finds a love interest and yes you’ve guessed it, She’s in Ba