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Tag: Lan Kwai Fong Swingers

This Week In Sleaze 49: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Midnight & Lan Kwai Fong Swingers


Let’s talk some fucking stampeding, birthday party-rape and shameless exploitation filmmaking! Yes, proving that making a skin flick is not low enough, one time director Cheung Chung-chi decided to frame a Charlie Cho bonk-a-thon around a real life New Years Eve tragedy. That became Lan Kwai Fong Swingers from 1993. But in the first half in this is our Christmas special, things happen at the stroke of midnight and that’s when Dark Charlie comes out. Co-starring in this case in the hostess drama Midnight from 1987. It’s a merry Charlie Cho Christmas with Sleazy K, The Great Lord Joshua Regal and making his return to the show: King Who!

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This Week In Sleaze 5 – The Knight Of Knights

In times of change, you need to see some naked tits! What this means for Sleazy K and King Who? is a trip down memory lane. Several in fact where we track Hong Kong (and maybe Taiwan) (s)exploitation through the ages and with a little help, we land at 1966’s The Knight Of Knights! Going over a bit of the Shaw Brothers history before getting to the good bits that remains unseen, also making an appearance is Stoo The Innocent One and Last Sleazy Movies Watched offers up a perplexing, horrible exploit of a real event in the name of putting up another sex movie on 90s Hong Kong screens!

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Show notes with times for each segment during the show:

00m 00s – Intro/Shaw Brothers history
53m 28s – Chang Cheh & Lily Ho
73m 12s – The Knight Of Knights review
101m 57s – Stoo’s The Knight Of Knights review
121m 41 s- Crocodile River review
130m 55s – Last Sleazy Movies watched

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