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Tag: Kwak Jae-Young

What’s Korean Cinema? 1: My Sassy Girl

The debut of the new show on the┬áPodcast On Fire Network, follow Stoo and company through the love, hate, ups and downs of Korean Cinema during the next 6 episodes! This first entry focuses on Kwak-Jae-young’s 2001 romantic comedy┬áMy Sassy Girl. Also, Stoo, Ken and special guests Martin Cleary from New Korean Cinema ( and Rufus L de Rham from our friends at VCinema ( and cineAWESOME! ( cover their first discovery of Korean cinema! It’s all done under 2 hours!

Cyborg She (2008)


Plot: When lonely college student Jiro finds a young attractive female sitting beside him at a restaurant on his birthday, he thinks he has found his dream woman, but she’s actually a cyborg sent from the future to protect him. It turns out that the cyborg has been built Jiro’s elderly future self to help him lead the perfect life, thus creating future for him and to protect him from a imposing devastating natural disaster.

The only strain on their relationship is when Jiro believes that he is truly in love with her, but how could a machine handle emotion? Read More