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Tag: Kara Hui

Podcast On Fire 206: The Dynasty Report – Rigor Mortis & Aberdeen


A young, debut director brings back faces of Hong Kong-horror of yesteryear for a celebration/making something new and visionary without being retro. How does Juno Mak’s Rigor Mortis therefore fare? And after gory times in Dream Home, Pang Ho-cheung gears down for the family drama that is Abderdeen. Hear Paul Fox and Dr. Lam submit a new Dynasty Report.

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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 14: Three Stooges Go Undercover


Remember when we did our Director’s Series on Nam Nai-choi and there was one movie in his filmography we couldn’t get or get subtitled? Well now we can have finally watched Nam’s 4th movie at Shaw Brothers. The comedy Three Stooges Go Undercover, starring Nat Chan, Kara Hui and Stanley Fung. Kenny B and Tom K-W bid farewell properly to the multi-faceted career of the director/cinematographer in their review.

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My Young Auntie (1981)

When a young widow, Jing Dai Nan (Kara Hui) goes across sea to meet her nephew and discuss her late husbands estate. She soon finds out that her nephew, Yu Jing Chuen (Liu Chia-Liang) is actually twice her age!

Jing Chuen’s son, Ah Tao (Hsiao Ho) an arrogant and cocky student who has just started his summer break. He spent his time in school learning English (even giving him the English name of Charlie Yu) and adapting with western traditions. When he returns home to find Dai-Nan, he believed that she was his fathers mistress and boy is he sorry when he finds out its his great aunt! Read More

Crazy N the City (2005)


Plot: Crazy N’The City is the story of two street cops and a middle aged man who has lost his sanity.

Set in Wan Chai the two street cops are the stiff Chris Chan (Eason Chan) and the over enthusiastic newbie cop, Manly (Joey Yung). Chris’s ambition as a police constable has worn out over the past seven years, he has became lazy towards his duty and basically fed up with his job. He is teamed up with the newest addition to the police force – Manly. Manly has just been transferred from a small village town to the big city and is more than excited to be there. With this new lease on life, you’d think some of it would rub off on old grumpy Chris? It doesn’t.

Shing Wong (Francis Ng) is the local mad-man in Wan Chai. Shing lost his sanity when his business went bankrupt, his wife had a miscarriage loosing their expected twin daughters and as well as running up some large debt with the local loan sharks. With his near suicide attempt he now lives with his sister, Rachael (Kara Hui). Living above their flat is Phoebe (Meng Zhang) a another village girl to whom has moved to the city to run a massage parlor although most of her customers are wanting a little more ‘bang’ for their buck. Shing finds himself admiring the lovely young phoebe and a unique relationship forms between the two.

These three characters lives are rocked when a mysteriously killer dubbed ‘The Rainy Murderer’ begins killing various young women in the district known as Wan Chai… Read More