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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 40: Members Only Archive Dusted #16

Consisting of outtakes and deleted material (previously only available to forum members) out of Podcast On Fire 53, 56 and 57 with Stoo, Kenny B, John Kreng, James Aylmore, Paul Loudon and Mike Banner from 2009, this collection feature tangents and outtakes involving John dropping inspiration, some foul language that Ken requested, last movies watched involves Ip Man and dramatic turns from Chingmy Yau. The gang also talks beloved Korean cinema and Mike Banner looks forward to the then pending Ong Bak 2 on the big screen.

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VS: July Rhapsody (2002)

Still from July Rhapsody (Credit: Cornerhouse)Jackie Cheung plays Lam, a literature teacher who has a lustful admirer in the form of his pupil Wu, played by Karina Lam. Despite his own understandable misgivings, Lam concedes that he has also developed a thing for Wu. Meanwhile it turns out that Lam’s wife, played by Anita Mui (also mother to their three sons) has a dark secret which is dragged to the surface when her school old teacher becomes ill with cancer. Read More

Visible Secrets: Hong Kong’s Women Filmmakers

Ming Ming 5 - jpeg

Manchester you lucky devils.  This autumn, Manchester’s Cornerhouse will showcase the work of female directors from Hong Kong as part of Visible Secrets: Hong Kong’s Women Filmmakers. The season will celebrate the imagination and vibrancy of these directors and their work through an exciting programme of screenings, events and special guests.

Named after Ann Hui’s “Visible Secret”, Cornerhouse will be showing several movies from Hui’s career; July Rhapsody (starring Jacky Cheung), Night and Fog, The Postmordern Life of My Aunt (starring the man – Chow Yun-Fat), The Way We Are, Goddess of Mercy and Visible Secret (Eason Chan and Shu Qi).

Cornerhouse have a selection notable female directors making apperances, they have Special Guest award winning director Yan Yan Mak. Mak will introduce her new documentary The Decameron (2009) on Sat 31
October. Tsang Tsui Shan will be present (Fri 30 October) to introduce her debut, award-winning feature Lovers on the Road (2008). On Tuesday 3rd November screen writer Ivy Ho will be in person to introduce her directorial debut; Claustrophobia (2008) starring Karena Lam and Ekin Cheng.

Visible Secrets: Hong Kong’s Women Filmmakers is a UK-first season of new films sponsored by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London. The Festival is running from Friday 9th October to Tuesday 3rd November at Cornerhouse, Manchester.

Please download the festivals program here, they are showing some great films and this possibly the only chance you’ll get to see two movies starring Ekin Cheng shown in Manchester! Think about it people!

Download the Festivals Program Here (.PDF File)