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Chocolate (2008)


Country: Thailand
Genre: Martial-Arts
Cast: Jeeja Yanin, Hiroshi Abe

Yanin “Jeeja” Vismistananda plays Zen the autistic daughter of a Thai loan shark and an exiled Japanese Yakuza. Before she is born, her mother and father are forced to separate by a rival gang (for financial and sadistic reasons), so only her mother raises Zen. As the years go by her mother catches cancer and Zen is unable to cope, but finds a channel by beating up the people who owed her mother money back in the day and paying for the treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

Cast From The Past: Podcast on Fire 13 – Chocolate Edition

podcast13The next Cast From The Past (a series of shows lost from our iTunes feed and website) from 2008 features Stoo,  Mike Banner and special guest Scott Napier. Drooling over the at the time fresh Thai action project Chocolate, the gang also gets in mini-reviews of The Barefoot Kid, On The Run and discuss whether investments in Mainland Chinese movie productions is a good thing or not.

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Show Links: Read the rest of this entry »

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