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Tag: Five Deadly Venoms

The Director’s Series 2: Nam Nai-Choi – Men From The Gutter (1983)

We continue our examination of the filmography of one of Hong Kong’s unsung directorial heroes, Nam Nai-choi. Not quite in Story Of Ricky¬† territory yet, his third Shaw Brothers movie and and the intense actioner Men From The Gutter is the topic of discussion between Ken, David and Tom in this episode.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro
13m 00s – Jason Pai Piao bio/discussion
18m 20s – Lo Meng bio/discussion
25m 48s – Michael Miu Kiu-wai
37m 30s – Parkman Wong bio/discussion
42m 08s – Tony Leung Hung-wah, Keith Li bio/discussion
47m 35s – Men From The Gutter review

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Podcast On Fire 84: Last Movies Watched & Ken’s Top Sleazy 3

In between specials, theme shows and interviews, we now intend to release some mini-conversations such as this one where Stoo and a new healthy, Sleazy Ken catch up with our last movies watched essentially. This time, Five Deadly Venoms, Legend Of A Fighter and The Young Dragons are covered while Ken also shares his top 3 Sleaze of the year!