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Tag: Final Justice

Podcast On Fire 323: Final Justice & Dragon Fight

Stephen Chow enters the big boy film industry and promptly wins an award. And he’s not even funny, in 1988’s Final Justice alongside the man who plays cops: Danny Lee. Also, Stephen Chow goes to America with Jet Li, Dick Wei, and future Mrs. Jet Li to make Hong Kong action cinema noise on the streets of San Francisco. That film is 1989’s Dragon Fight. With Kenny B and Paul Fox of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

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Music courtesy of Brian Kirby.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Stephen Chow’s early career/box office.
17m 10s – Final Justice review.
51m 57s – Stephen Chow’s early career/box office/director Billy Tang
67m 02s – Dragon Fight review.

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Podcast On Fire 136: Milkyway Treasures – Final Justice

Enter a new filmmaker at Milkyway: Derek Chiu! Just like Johnnie To, Chiu had the finger on the pulse of quirky but Final Justice deals in religion, forgiveness, alleged rape, Eric Tsang as a vicious triad boss and the court room-drama. Still not conventional nor a hit for Milkyway but how does it work as an intelligent examination in intent? Kenny B is at hand to give you his take on it.

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