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Tag: Ebola Syndrome

This Week In Sleaze 66: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Hong Kong Gigolo & The Sleep Curse

The glamorous and punishing world of gigolos. From the director of P Storm.  Also,  the last gory hurrah for the team of Herman Yau and Anthony Wong. With Sleazy K and The Great Lord Johsua Regal. Read More

This Week In Sleaze 47: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Ebola Syndrome & A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II

twis47Ebola Ebola! Let’s spread it together! Herman Yau and bestie Anthony Wong crafts what is probably one of Hong Kong’s most foul pictures. We’re of course talking of and we’re going to be talking of 1996’s Ebola Syndrome and in the second half we re-enter the Chinese torture chamber. Discussing the unrelated followup to Wong Jing’s classic production, this time, Shaw Brothers fans should pay more attention…

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