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Podcast On Fire 215: The Dynasty Report – Dragon Blade & Sara


The Dynasty Report goes international to a degree with a review of Jackie Chan’s box office hit Dragon Blade from 2015. Acting against John Cusack and Adrien Brody, let’s examine how East meets West in this period actioner. Also, the review of movie number 8 trillion on director Herman Yau’s filmography in the form of the Category III rated drama Sara.

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“14 Blades” flying your way this August!

Icon Home Entertainment are helming the release of the latest Donnie Yen feature to these United shores. A DVD and Blu-Ray release have been planned for the 16th August (My birthday is Friday 13th btw, pre-orders will be accepted…). At this time no special features have been splashed out, give it a few weeks yet and we will do a complete update. In the meantime check out the full post for the DVD/BR Artwork;

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Black Mask (1996)


Plot: Brainwashed by his masters to feel no pain, Tsui (Jet Li) is a member of China’s elite 701 Squad – a merciless team of assassins. But Tsui wants out. Escaping to Hong Kong, he creates a new identity for himself and attempts to lead a normal life.

When the city is rocked by a series of gangland murders, each hit bears all the hallmarks of the 701 Squad assassination. Their master plan is global domination of the drugs trade and, as their killing spree takes it’s mounting toll, the local cops grow ever more powerless to stop them. Tsui realizes only he can end the Squad’s reign of terror. Read the rest of this entry »

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