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Tag: City on Fire

The Director’s Series 21: Ringo Lam – Aces Go Places IV

The Aces Go Places series headed into its 4th part with profit as winds in their sails. Assigning Ringo Lam for the big budget, big scope production shot on international locations, for this series… things turn real and violent all of a sudden. This is The Director’s Series on Ringo Lam’s Aces Go Places IV. With Kenny and Tom K-W.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/City On Fire & Wild Search lookbacks.
14m 08s – Quick-Takes: Undeclared WarPoint Of No Return
31m 21s – Karl Maka biography & discussion
43m 59s – Aces Go Places IV review

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Podcast On Fire 160: Pedicab Driver & City On Fire


In our ongoing conversations about classic Hong Kong cinema, the turn has come to Sammo Hung’s Pedicab Driver and Ringo Lam’s City On Fire! Hear Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film Fans discuss Sammo’s beloved and quite unavailable actioner and there’s also a late breaking reveal from rights holder Warner Brothers. Dr. Lam and Tom K-W join Kenny B in the second half for their take on the undercover drama classic and offer up their views on the whole City On Fire/Reservoir Dogs connection and “controversy”.

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Podcast On Fire 97: The City On Fire special. Hah! Made you listen didn’t we?

Ken and King Who? put on their best clothes and try to behave as best as possible so pants up, no picking your nose! It’s jingle-less this week but the hour is crammed with talks of our beloved Taiwan Black Movies, neglected Hwang Jang-Lee performances at IFD, the debut of the hot seat, King Who’s Clip Of The Week and of course, our City On Fire review.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Network Updates
22m 10s – Last Movies Watched
47m 04s – Listener Questions
54m 00s – King Who’s Clip Of The Week

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City on Fire (1979)


Plot: Resigning undercover cop – Ko Chow (Chow Yun-Fat) plans resigning are shattered when brought into the station to have a meeting with his boss, Lau (Yueh Sun). Lau tells him that has one job left to do before leaving the force. The job is to infiltrate a violent gang of jewelery thieves, to gain their trust he must pass himself off as a gun dealer, selling weapons to the gang and then work his way into the gang participating in their next heist.

Ko Chow befriends on of the gangs main men – Fu (Danny Lee), both having similar backgrounds they create a decent friendship between them. But Ko Chow is haunted by past missions when one of his best friends were killed because of him. Ko doesn’t want the same thing to happen twice. Read More