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Podcast On Fire 293: When Taekwondo Strikes & Heroes Of The East

Continuing the Versus Series, lined up for review is Golden Harvest’s 1973 Angela Mao movie When Taekwondo Strikes. She might take your head off, fighting on the side of the Korean people against the Japanese. Also, in Heroes Of The East, Lau Kar-Leung depicts Chinese versus Japanese martial arts in a more nuanced and friendly way. With Kenny B and Paul Fox of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/When Taekwondo Strikes background and review
57m 41 – Heroes Of The East review

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Eastern Heroes: Deady China Dolls Book in stock

Asia On Film are pleased to announce they have gotten a small stock of the very rare book Eastern Heroes: Deadly China Dolls. Originally published in 1994, here’s the pitch from Asia On Film;

Finally this most rare 1994 book is back in stock! If one of the reasons that you have tuned into Hong Kong films is the plethora of beautiful charismatic Asian actresses, this is an essential book for you. The entire subject matter is focused on these women that so enliven the screen.

All your favoUrites are discussed here with particular emphasis on the action heroines. Many of the early action goddesses are covered such as Ivy Ling Po, Lilly Lee, Angela Mao, Judy Lee, Polly Kwan and Hui Ying Hung. Not only are their careers discussed, but information about their personal lives is also included at times.

Much space is obviously devoted to the great femme fatales of the 1980’s – Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Cynthia Khan, Michiko Nishawaki,The Heroic Trio – Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung & Anita Mui. And just about any other of the action starlets are in here somewhere.

A section on the subject of Category III actresses is also featured.

You can order your copy right here!

Hapkido (1972)


Plot: During the Japanese occupation of China, three young Chinese students return from Korea to open their own martial arts school. All of the other martial arts schools are in favor for this new school, but the people refusing are the Japanese and their Black Bear Jodo.

When one student (Carter Wong) tries to be reasonable towards them, the other (Sammo Hung) looses his temper and shows the Japanese that the Chinese can kick ass with Korean ‘Hapkido’. When the Japanese show no sign of resisting a young female student (Angela Mao) writes back to her ‘sifu’ for help… Read the rest of this entry »

Cast From The Past: Podcast On Fire 5 – Mike Banner makes his debut

The next Cast From The Past (a series of shows lost from our iTunes feed and website) from 2007 features Stoo, Ken, and the debut of Mole Banner. Mike speaks of the challenges of starting an independent label (Green Fan DVD), releasing Chang Cheh’s Ninja In Ancient China in the UK and the last movie watched segment contains chat about The Angry River and a love letter to Shaw Brothers baddie Ku Feng.

Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group or Twitter (@podcastonfire, @sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed.

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