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Tag: Alfred Cheung

Podcast On Fire 185: A Better Tomorrow III & On The Run


One’s a prequel to a groundbreaking heroic bloodshed movie, one represents a detour from doing acrobatics and fighting alongside his peking opera brothers. One is Tsui Hark’s A Better Tomorrow 3 and the other is Alfred Cheung’s On The Run, starring Yuen Biao. With Kenny B and Tom K-W.

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The Banquet (1991)

Plot: Wealthy property director – Tsang Siu-Chi (Eric Tsang) and his contractor Jacky (Jacky Cheung) managed to buy two of four property’s. When he buy’s all four he plans on knocking them down and replacing them with a grand hotel. Yet his arch rival Hung Tai-Po (Sammo Hung) managed to buy the last two. Both developers wanting to make this grand hotel, they decide to agree on a 50/50 purpose.

When returning home Jacky lets in on a scheme which could land them a nice one billion dollars. The prince of kuwait, Allabarba (George Lam) is coming to Hong Kong to look for a tender for his properties there. Jacky has also done his research, the prince was a menace when he was young never paying attention to his father until after his passing, now he deeply regrets anytime he missed with his father. Now Jacky’s plan for Tsang is to show the prince the strong relationship between him and his father!

The only problem is that Tsang hasn’t seen his father for over ten years. Tsang goes off to find his father with his snobby wife (Carol Cheng), they soon find out that he is living with Tsang’s sister, Gigi (Rosamund Kwan) and her husband (Tony Leung Ka-Fai). Tsang tries to sway father Tsang (Richard Ng) to come live with them, but he refuses as he loves his simple life.

Tsang then pull’s out the big guns and plea’s for his father to stay with him since that he only haves a month and a half to live. yes, he’s got cancer! As you can expect the big guns convinced father Tsang to go home with Tsang and his Wife.

Tsang plans to throw a big banquet for the Prince and make it out to be a birthday party for his father too!

When everything seems to be going to plan, we find out that Jacky is secretly working for Hung Tai-Po and he’s going to help him convince to sign the contract over to him instead of Tsang… Read More

Paper Marriage (1988)


Set in Canada, Bo (Sammo Hung) is an ex-light weight-boxing champion who has ran himself into debt by gambling on the horses. He attempts to make money by being a guinea pig for scientist, basically being a pincushion for students learning acupuncture.

Running low on money and ideas, Bo talks to his uncle Tsai at the local boxing club and asks if there was any work for him, unfortunately no, but he insisted that he could make some good money taking part in a paper marriage.

Bo meets Jade (Maggie Cheung), from Hong Kong. She is being set up with Bo so that she can stay in Canada and live with her boyfriend, Peter (Alfred Cheung). Peter promises Bo a good couple grand to go through with this marriage, although after the wedding, Peter flees and leaves both Bo and Jade.

Peter leaves a message saying he ran into debt and he can’t come back for Jade. Jade is devastated and now she has to live with Bo to keep the immigration office at bay. Now desperate for money, Bo re-enters the boxing ring to get some money. He finds out that if he beats his ex-wife’s (Joyce Godenzi) new boyfriend, Billy (Billy Chow) he will get all his debts cleared. Jade even does her part by competing in a mud wrestling competition…

Things take a good when they discover a big bag of cash, although Bo believes that it might be drug money… Read More