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This Week In Sleaze 68: Kidnap Of Wong Chak Fai

True life Hong Kong crime on film is a staple of Category III film but often in a grisly manner. Serial killers, rapists, cannibalism, that sort of thing. But crime comes in different forms and in this episode we take a look at the kidnapping case of businessman Teddy Wang. A story adapted into a Jackie Chan film but also into a cheapo Wong Jing film: Kidnap Of Wong Chak Fai. With Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal. Read More

Podcast On Fire 332: The Dragon Tamers & Princess Chang Ping

After unleashing a violent basher on us in the form of The Young Dragons, John Woo is assigned to Korea to make further, sometimes naked kung-fu as The Dragon Tamers. Also, you know they say John Woo’s films are like bullet opera, like ballet? Well how about an actual opera? Examining 1976’s Princess Chang Ping, with Kenny B and Paul Fox of the East Screen West Screen podcast. Read More

Podcast On Fire 331: On The Wrong Track

Youth gone wild at Shaw Brothers, with Andy Lau and from the director of Naked Killer. With Kenny B and Paul Fox. Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 62: Members Only Archive Dusted #26 – Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief

A multi-episode effort produced to raise funds for the relief effort in the wake of the 2011 Thoku earthquake and tsunami. Recorded in multiple parts that listeners received access to by sending in their donation receipts to a charity of their choice, this first hour has Kenny B, Stewart Sutherland and King Who talk recently watched movies, Kenny B speaks to Coffin Jon about donating to Japan Society and discovering Japanese film and fight choreographer and author John Kreng stops by to speak about Bruce Lee for a bit. Note there are some references to video materials that were also available to donors. They are not now. Stoo is probably happy about that.

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Podcast On Fire 330: Comrades, Almost A Love Story & Moonlight In Tokyo

Everybody wins something except Leon Lai but along with Maggie Cheung he appears in the 1996 romance classic Comrades, Almost A Love Story. Also, on the streets of Tokyo, a mentally challenged Leon Lai is looking for his brother and finds a childhood friend played by Chapman To. It’s not as sugary as you think. He also becomes a Korean gigolo, in 2005’s Moonlight In Tokyo from the writers of Infernal Affairs. With Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film Fans. Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 61: The Lake House

South Korea’s magical romance Il Mare is remade in America as The Lake House. Kenny B and Paul Quinn.

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What’s Korean Cinema? 60 – Il Mare

Before there was a sassy girl, the ever so luminous Jun Ji-hyun starred in Il Mare, about a mailbox that is a portal to two years earlier. Going back to Korean cinema in the year 2000, with Kenny B and Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid. Read More