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More About Our Network

So what’s an Asian cinema podcasting Network? Below you’ll find out a little bit about our 8 strong lineup of shows on the Podcast On Fire Network! Click each show image to get to that particular category on the network


The flagship show Podcast On Fire covers classic Hong Kong cinema, everything from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan, John Woo and Jet Li! Featuring in depth discussions with an aura of fun, this is your primary stop in the podcast world for classic Hong Kong cinema!


Learn all about the golden ninja empire, Godfrey Ho, IFD and Richard Harrison!


Japan On Fire puts a spotlight on the known and personal favourites of the hosts as well as providing a journey of discovery for the hosts and the listeners! Everything from Kaiju, J-horror to anime!



What’s Korean Cinema? asks the question, possibly doesn’t answer it but gathers a cast of experts for an in-depth look at defining works of Korean cinema…even North!


This Week In Sleaze is the adults only show where the Podcast On Fire Network lets the sleaze and nudity rule as the Category III era gets a chance to matter, be laughed at or ridiculed.


The idea of recording our own film commentaries for various (especially slightly obscure) Hong Kong movies was very appealing.  For some commentaries we looked up extensive information and for some other commentaries we just wing it and hope for the best! Our commentaries are available on MP3 and on YouTube!


The Director’s Series helps you put a name ot some of those favourite movies of yours like Story Of Ricky, Crime Story and The Seventh Curse. Tracking progress (or possibly not) in a continuing series of discussions on various directors!

Taiwan Noir highlights the forgotten Taiwanese cinema of yesteryear.

2 comments on “More About Our Network

  1. Leon Donnelly says:

    Hi guys. I only just found out about the world of podcasting earlier this year. Being a huge fan of Asian film, it didn’t take long for me to discover your site. Oh joy-there are others like me in the world!
    My introduction into this world began in the late 70’searly 80’s, with tv shows like: “Monkey Magic” “Kung Fu” & “The Water Margin.” These combined with Bruce Lee & Jimmy Wang Yu movies, were enough to ensure an ongoing obession that happily haunts me to this day.
    I progressed through Sho Kosugi ninja pics, to Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung then Chow Yun Fat….you get the general idea. I also collected the “Made In Hong Kong” VHS releases and all others I could get my hands on! Unfortunately, upon discovering DVD, I sold off the entire lot-to this day I still haven’t beenable toreplace them all. I do though have a quite impressive colection of DVDs & BDs-which has grown a little larger since listening to your enthralling reviews/discussions.
    I’m not on FaceBook yet but will be looking into that-so I can follow more avidly. I love all the coverage, especially the Hong Kong stuff, with a soft spot for the Shaw Bros, Eight Diagram Pole Fighter being my absolute favorate! Have any of you guys seen “A Friend From Inner Space?” A nice little oddity of a film with Ti Lung, Shek Kin & Josephine Siu-who looks remarkably sexy in this. Might be worth a mention?
    Anyhow, keep up the amazing work, it gets me through mine! Would love to hear back from you but if not will seek you out on Face Book eventually.

    Regards, Leon.

  2. Knetan says:

    Thank you, Leon for the support! Stay tuned, lots of cool stuff including a new show coming soon! Have the LD of Friend From Inner Space so we’ll probably revisit that.

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