EIFF Review – Infini (2015)

Set in far into the future, where we’ve reached the point in technology where the military now have the ability to teleport teams from A to B through a technology called Slipstreaming. Whit Carmichael is the lone survivor of a group that were teleported to a remote mining colony when a vicious outbreak turns his men into raging maniacs.

Cut to a new group of Search and Rescue team being briefed on a mission to retrieve Carmichael from the colony. This form of interstellar travel by slipstream creates a time dilation between them and the colony, Carmichael may have only been away for days, but on the colony it’s been weeks.

When the crew slipstream to the colony, as you can imagine things don’t go swimmingly.

Infini is a proper Sci-Fi horror – It’s like 28 Days Later took a chunk out of Prometheus! Hell it even reminded me of some of the great Sci-Fi video games, it’s like the team behind Mass Effect find themselves to stuck in Dead Space. Catch me drift?

The film does consist of a large ensemble cast starring the likes of Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Bren Ford and half a dozen others! It’s almost too difficult to keep a count of all the players.  Thankfully the groups all get broken down into pairs when it gets pretty chaotic.

We get a little carried away with pregnancy storylines, okay Whit has a baby on the way and that’s a great device for him to get his ass back home. Yet, in the last half of the film we’re given another couple with a pregnancy, it’s pretty much announced and then denounced in the same scene. Is it a reason for the rage to kick off? Why do you need motivation, it’s a virus!

Towards the end of the film when we get to see this outbreak in a more physical form, it’s a little strange – we can’t get too in-depth, because if you want to see it, I want you to witness that; What the hell moment as well! Actually there’s two or three ‘What the fu’ moments.

Overall – horror/sci-fi buffs dig in! You’ll probably get a kick out of it. Anyone else? Just give it a miss.


Blu-Ray Review – Patema Inverted (2013)

Patema Inverted tells the tale of a young princess called Patema. She lives in an underground kingdom of tunnels and mines. Like most princesses she’s itching to explore her world, much like her late father who was an avid explorer.

One day she breaks the rules by exploring where she shouldn’t and ends up meeting a mysterious solider standing on the ceiling of the corridor, startled she falls backwards into a bottomless pit – or is it?

Cut to Age, a school student who daydreams of flying, much like his father who died trying to navigate the skies. He’s awoken from his dreams when he discovers Patema hanging onto a chain linked fence for dear life as she hangs helpless falling towards…the sky!

In Ages Government Patema is described as an Inver – a sinner, who is taken by the sky to be punished, it’s as if hell is up instead of down etc. Age does his best to keep Patema hidden from authority and figure out a way to return her to her underground kingdom.

From director of A Time of EVE, Yasuhiro Yoshiura took us on this journey originally as four original net animes back in 2012. I have to admit, I did enjoy the film – I loved the concept of the story! When watching the film, it could be almost translated into a Disney princess fairy-tale! All they need is a lovely mascot that they can merchandise the crap out of! The wicked witch in this tale? Evil corrupted government officials!

My highlights of the film outside of the concept were the pay off during the last act of the film, when Age is reading into his father’s past and several mysteries are revealed!

The story did run a little long for me; it might just be the problem with a four part mini-series being edited into a feature length film. I felt the final confrontations just seemed too long for my liking, we we’re waiting, just about to get the conclusion and then X,Y & Z happens.

When it comes to the ALL THINGS ANIME  Blu-Ray release of Patema Inverted includes several interviews and spots. It’s presented in Japanese 5.1, as well as a English dub, which I viewed this film with. We’re also treated to Audio commentary from the director and the Japanese voice actors for the leading characters.

Overall, Anime fans I would rate it 4/5, you should really check this one out. BUT, honestly for me, it’s a one watch wonder. Ciao!