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This Week In Sleaze 53: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Another Piece Of Romance & Picking Up Girls

Let’s talk some not Christmas cheer, not even fucking-cheer but castration-cheer! You make the food, cut your meat, use your knives, maybe scissors in some instance and then you come to the realization you are missing a Taiwan Christmas classic on your to watch list. So once dinner has been served, consumed, you sit down in front of the cozy fire, with your favourite beverage and watch castrations galore in the 1994 Taiwanese produced Cat III golden oldie Another Piece Of Romance. Then you go pick up girls. Yep, the second movie of our This Week In Sleaze Christmas Special is called Picking Up Girls and that’s all the introduction it gets. Except scissors are exchanged for a hammer in that one. It’s a Merry Charlie Cho Christmas with Sleazy K, The Great Lord Joshua Regal and King Who!

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