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Taiwan Noir 9: The Witch With Flying Head & Calamity Of Snakes


From the director of The Devil, as spoken of during Taiwan Noir 6 we couldn’t find any biographical info on the filmmaker but despite a varied genre-output (including martial arts and Category III), Zhang Ren-jie liked his goo and gore for at least two movies a lot more seemingly: the mentioned The Devil from 1981 and one of tonight’s movies for review, The Witch With Flying Head. And in the second half, the snakes get it for real and they get back at the humans in a fictional sense. Welcome to Asian cinema and the snake terror that is Calamity Of Snakes. Kenny B and new co-host Todd Stadtman of the Die, Danger, Die Die Kill (aka 4DK) blog take a stab at this double whammy of horror and way too real life horror.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Todd interview
18m 30s – The Witch With Flying Head review/discussion
50m 05s – William Zhang bio
55m 10s – Calamity Of Snakes review/discussion

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4 comments on “Taiwan Noir 9: The Witch With Flying Head & Calamity Of Snakes

  1. Tim Chuma says:

    There’s even a list on IMDB of flying witch head movies

  2. Tyler says:

    Great episode guys, it was great to hear voices from both of my favorite podcasts, podcastonfire and infrenal brains. I hope todd can return.I searching for calamity of snakes at the moment

  3. Todd says:

    Tyler: Thanks for your kind words. I’ll pass them on to Tars Tarkas. The Infernal Brains need all the boosters they can get.

    Tim: My favorite title on that IMDB list: Krasue Valentine.

  4. Knetan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment Tim and Tyler and glad you both (hopefully) enjoyed the episode!

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