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The Director’s Series 10: Kirk Wong – Flash Future Kung Fu


A good director’s output could/should come off as versatile, refusing to be slotted into the expected and easily sorted folder. It seems Kirk Wong after opening more traditionally with The Club thought like this as evident in his horror-comedy Lifeline Express that we covered last episode. But we track back to movie number two, the special mind/genre-bender Flash Future Kung Fu from 1983 for this second installment of The Director’s Series on Kirk Wong. Joining Kenny B and Tom K-W and Sylvia Rorem of The Heroic Sisterhood – The Ladies’ Asian Action Cinema Appreciation Society to discuss what’s left of Kirk’s multi-nominated vision of the future.

Thanks to Henrik Andersson for help with cleaning up the audio!

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Running Times:
14m 10s – Johnny Wang bio/discussion
27m 05s – Eddy Ko bio/discussion
35m 10s – Ray Lui bio/discussion
52m 18s – Flash Future Kung Fu review

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