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What’s Korean Cinema? 7: A Bittersweet Life & I Saw The Devil


Stoo, Easy A & Mass Moviecide UK’s Trevor return for What’s Korean Cinema #7 – More Hunky Buns (and more Kim Ji-wun love)! We discuss A Bittersweet Life and I Saw The Devil And Fucked Her. Wait, no sorry it’s I Saw the Devil from 2010. During the tea break, Stoo hops on the line with Paul Quinn from Hangul Celluloid to get his take on the films.

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Show Links:
What’s Korean Cinema? at Stitcher
A Bittersweet Life – Trailer
I Saw The Devil – Trailer

2 Responses to “What’s Korean Cinema? 7: A Bittersweet Life & I Saw The Devil”

  • So, who is this show for besides me? Can’t be for someone who has not watched the films, as you tell every minute detail. Great to hear Paul Quinn. I want to hear you talk about the films of Lim Won-hie. I’ve been writing a review book as I have about 200-300 Korean film from Korea. Been collecting since Fun Movie (starring Lim Won-hie). The show is entertaining, especially the Siri portion. Your accents are strong (I guess mine might be to you as well).

    Here’s a perfect double bill. Masquerade (with Lee Byun-hun) and the very silly and similar film I am a King (with Lim Won-hie) I challenge you to entertain me! You make my lunch a wondrous affair.

    The link is straight to the book (in progress) of the reviews. I only include it as you ask for a name, e-mail and website. Make the Podcast louder and it’ll be perfect.

  • Stoo:

    I know, we should air spoiler warnings before discussion. I’ll have a look into Masquerade and I am a King. and I kick up the volume – thanks for the response mate!

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