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Podcast on Fire 83: Christmas Special 2010 w/ VCinema Podcast

It’s that time of year when you invite guests around to your humble abode and that’s what Stoo done this Christmas! Coffin Jon and Rufus from the VCinema Podcast join Stoo for a count down of the top 5 movies they each enjoyed this year! That’s all! What else do you need to know? It’s like 2AM!! Listen to the show, enjoy and from Everyone at Podcast on Fire, we wish you a Safe and Merry Christmas and we hope to see/hear from you all in the New Year!

Links; CineAwesome and Paper Spaceships

4 comments on “Podcast on Fire 83: Christmas Special 2010 w/ VCinema Podcast

  1. Balalumba lararelez!

  2. Andy Gart says:

    Funny podcast, men. Continue please

  3. Browser says:

    Nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it

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