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The Karate Kid (2010)

Being a child trying to fit in to a crowd can be a bit tedious, but when you’ve moved from America to China , fitting in is almost impossible when you show off to the wrong crowd. Our victim is Dre Parker, he moved with his mother when she was relocated in her job.

After being constantly being hounded and beaten by bullies in his school, he is saved by the local handy man, Mr. Han. Mr. Han confronts the bullies teacher and the two agree that the children will settle their differences in a Open Kung Fu Tournament. Han agrees to train Dre and Dre soon finds himself helping Hans troubled pass…

Now I’ll throw this out there right away, I’ve never cared for the original Karate Kid movie, I watched them when I was a kid, I done the crane kick once and then moved on with my life. So when hearing the news about Will Smiths son is starring along side Jackie Chan in a remake, I rolled my eyes and thought poor Jackie. Once the audience were given a taste with the teaser trailer (which we briefly discussed for our Members Only) and I think everyone thought, this could work!

The Karate Kid is easily the biggest American project Jackie Chan has been involved with for sometime now. Being linked with the Smith family it was certain that this movie was going to shine. Unsurprisingly Jackie Chan delivers the strongest acting performance which the cause audience wouldn’t expect, Jackie is suppose to deliver the cracking fight scenes instead of the emotional break down. Jackie is now the trainer! It is almost as if Jackie has now turned into Simon Yuen Siu-Tien and Jayden is the young Jackie! You never know, next year we will see Jayden and Jackie tagging up again for the remake of Drunken Master!

The most negative comments people will give this movie is the performance of the clearly confident and mouthy Jayden Smith. People will brand this a bad movie because of that fact alone, but to be honest I think that is what his character needed to be, cocky, then beaten down to become righteous.

The movie is commercially tainted unforgivably, 2/3’s through the movie Dre and Mei-Ying skip school to have a montage of fun, but this leads to two music interjections from Lady Gaga and T-Pain, at least Justin Beibler waited until the ending credits!

For us Hong Kong movie fans we the Iron Monkey – Yu Rong-Guang playing the role of the rival Kung Fu Teacher and we even get a cameo appearance from the Silver Hawk!

Overall the movie is an idea pop corn flick, its a little long, but damn, Jackie Chan deserves an Oscar!

4 Responses to “The Karate Kid (2010)”

  • Dissapointed you didn’t like the original Stoo! This seems worth a shot but as a fan of the original I’ll probably pick it apart like some sort of nostalgic loser.

  • Stoo:

    Not that I didn’t like the movie, I liked it and left it at that. I never found myself putting it in high regard compared to other flicks, like Short Circuit :3

  • Mike Maley:

    Mr Han? Must have taken them ages to come up with that one?
    When the kid get’s beaten up do they “gotta take you to the doctor dre”?

  • Drunken Master:

    Why didn’t they go the full hogg and just call him Mr. Chan?

    Well I liked the remake and I am a massive fan of the original. (More cheese pleeeaaazzze!) The sequels are not that good, but the original feels like “Rocky” for teenagers. I’m so glad you made a reference to Jackie’s performance, Stoo. He plays dramatic here far better than he did in “The Shinjuku Incident” as far as I’m concerned. Incidentally, I didn’t find this too long.

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