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Kill Zone (2005)

Plot: Detective Chan (Simon Yam) is forced into a early retirement when he diagnosed with a  brain tumor. This was discovered when he was involved in an car  crash when transporting valuable witnesses to court. Our antagonist, notorious gang leader Wong Po (Sammo Hung) is released from prison when his witnesses died in the crash.

Detective Chan tries his best in the next following years to put the wicked crime lord behind bars, but can’t quite cut it. On his last days of the job he is introduced to his replacement, Officer Ma (Donnie Yen) a young fierce cop with a bad ‘ass reputation.

Video evidence is brought forward of Wong Po attacking one of Chan’s undercover officers and then witnessing the murder. Chan with the help of his squad attempt to frame Wong Po, guaranteeing him a life sentence, but it doesn’t quite go to plan…

Review: This is probably one of the most anticipated movies of 2005, Why? Well there is in imaginable thought of Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen starring in a movie together. Even more that they are lead up to some brutal fight scenes. Mr. Cool as Cucumber – Simon Yam portrays the role of a dying man who has a iron grudge against Sammo.

Both Sammo and Donnie as action directors for the movie (which must have worked out well with them winning the 2006 Best Action Choreography at the Hong Kong Film Awards). Bio-Zombie director Wilson Yip taking the helm, these combinations were a guaranteed success story.

Some may be put off by the clear cut commercial flashy MTV style editing, but these smooth moves only seem to used throughout the first half of the movie.

The film turns out to run rather smoothly for it’s 93 min running time. I was expecting a film with this much hype to strain into the 2 hour zone, but I was proved wrong, thankfully so.

As everyone can guess the action is pretty intense, Wu Jing plays a rogue assassin hired by Sammos character Wong Po,  who rips through his enemies with ease. Wu Jing character is amazingly fast and deadly, but finds himself in a fight for his life against Donnie Yens character. Then at the end of the movie we get to see one of these fights that are what dreams are made of, Sammo Hung vs. Donnie Yen!

Any notable people? Well for me I couldn’t many people in the film, maybe because of my inexperience, but I did recognize Dick Liu Kai-Chi mainly because of his role in the sickly Fu Bo. Also we get to see the son of Sammo Hung, yes Timmy! Timmy Hung makes a brief appearance as someone Donnie Yen nearly beheaded with a single punch, the effect of the punch has pretty much disabled him. Yet Donnie’s character now seems to have a soft side to him as he now seems to be taking care of him financially.

Final Thoughts, easily one of the first great commercial achievement that Wilson Yip should be proud of.

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