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Japan On Fire 6: Voices On Kaiju – Brian Kirby

podcast62Our special guests from the main Kaiju JOF’s get their own spotlight in an interview series (expanding our current JOF into a Kaiju in itself really). Brian Kirby is the head honcho over at Shelf Life Clothing and a passionate Kaiju-fan. We cover original introduction to the genre, Godzilla through the ages and further love directed towards Gamera of the 90s.  Here’s the link to Brians Online Store;

2 comments on “Japan On Fire 6: Voices On Kaiju – Brian Kirby

  1. Jay says:

    All of these Kaiju episodes were an awful lot of fun. I like how Brian mentioned all of the Dr. Pepper product placement in Godzilla 1985. There was a Dr. Pepper ad featuring Godzilla on television at the time and I believe the company was sponsoring the movie. I think that the only time I have ever seen a Dr. Pepper soda machine in my life was in this movie. The American print is not available on DVD, but I still have my VHS copy…

  2. Knetan says:

    Thank you so much for listening, Jay! Really appreciate the support! /Ken

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