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The Blacksheep Affair (1998)


Plot: Yim Dong (Chiu Man Cheuk) is cop dedicated to his job, one day disobeyed orders during a hijacking and killed the leader of the hijackers (Hung Yan-Yan). With Yim carelessness he is reposted in the East European country of Lavernia. Upon arriving in Lavernia he is reunited with an old work colleague, Hung (Ken Wong).

When leaving the train station Yim & Hung and up battling and arresting a Japanese Cult leader, Keizo Mishima (Andrew Lin). Keizo was responsible for the Tokyo Train Station Gas Attack earlier in the year. Yim slowly settling into his new surroundings he meets his childhood sweetheart, Tammy (Shu Qi). Tammy fled from China a couple years back after war broke in Tiananmen Square. She too now lives in Lavernia and feels blessed to be reunited with her ‘knight in shining armor’.

But now Yim finds out the Lavernian Minister is linked with Keizo and he wants his leader back or the Chinese population in Lavernia will fall…

Review: Chiu Man-Cheuk’s 1998 Action Flick is quite actually decent. The story is good, the cast isn’t Grade A, but at least they have Shu Qi.

The Action? I loved the action, Ching Siu-Tung done well. Most enjoyable battle would be the fast and furious fights in the train station between Chiu Man-Cheuk and Andrew Lin. Not to mention the fight in the prison shower or the roof of the building or even the final battles in the Lavernian Ministers home. The opening fight between Chiu Man-Cheuk and Hung Yan-Yan was good but Chiu could have killed Hung a lot better than the accidental choking.

Yet on two or more occasions in the ending battles between Chiu and Andrew some exaggerated wire work was thrown in. I find this to be the best film so far for Chiu Man-Cheuk, he got to show off some good Wu Shu techniques, he done most of his own stunts on that film and his acting has progressed.

Shu Qi was delightful, this being the first film I seen of hers and I knew nothing about her, nor about her past films such as the Sex & Zen series. Yet I couldn’t say one bad thing about her in this flick, she done really well.

Ken Wong playing the dope sidekick to Chiu Man Cheuk, so on most occasions he was quite humorous. Also for some reason he’s giving me the impression of Blacky Ko….maybe its just his looks.

Final thought Blacksheep affair a great film for good action, not amazing, not great, but better than the average punch up! enjoy!

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