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Rolls, Rolls, I Love You (1982)

Plot: Ah Dan (Robert Mak) is a delivery boy who being challenged by billionaire business man Mr. Cui Tung-Sing (Chen Kuan-Tai). They have made an agree if Ah Dan and his mates could steal the billionaires rolls royce they can keep it, but no sell it. But if they loose they need to fork over $50,000 to Mr. Cui

Ah Dan and his three mates Ho Guan (Chin Siu-Ho), Cuttlefish (Chiang Kam) and Superman. Attempt to come up with clever schemes to steal the car from Cui. The plans go from dressing up as a woman crying over her dead cow to pretending to kill a group of security guards and throwing their limbs and heads around. Heck one of the so called ‘guards’ ends up writing ‘Take Care, Farewell’ with his own guts.

But they still managed to be out done by Mr. Cui. With only two days left the gang are running out of hope and luck!

Review: Rolls, Rolls, I Love You is a fun loving wacky comedy which is rather amusing after you get past how dated the movie is. What I mean is the terrible disco/arcade game sound effects and music. Another thing that will stand out is Robert Mak’s jeans! I still feel ill thinking about it. Chin Siu-Ho also is sporting his crazy perm and Chiang Kam even looks like Velma from the Scooby Doo gang.

The film does have it’s comical moments with the gangs attempt to steal the RR but Chen Kuan-Tai always out smarting them, he goes to the length of having 5 identical cars sent out on the streets of Hong Kong to help confuse the young men.

Guest appearances? Well we have veteran actor Ho Pak-Kwong playing Chen Kuen-Tai’s driver who turns out to be a pervert. Walter Tso makes an appearance as a angry farmer and then uses the group to plough his field instead of his cows. Also cock eyed To Siu-ming and veteran actor Sai Gwa-pao make brief appearances as workers in a cafe to who think that Robert Mak and the gang are planning to rob it.

Final thoughts, not bad movie. If your looking for Kung fu this ain’t it, Chin Siu-Ho and Chen Kuan-Tai don’t do jack! There is NO action in this movie. It’s just a wacky comedy.

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