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Raped by an Angel (1993)


Plot (Universe): The Perverse lawyer Chuck Chi-Shing (Mark Cheng) is fascinated by a sexy advertisement starring two top models, Yau Yuk-Nam (Chingmy Yau) and Chu Kit-Man (Jaqueline Ng). He arranges the perfect ‘rape plan’ against Chu. Next he kills her and designs a plot that makes it seem like a suicide case.

When Yuk-Nam realizes that the Chu, her best friend, was tortured to death, she decides to use her body to allure the murderer into a trap…

Review: The plot doesn’t half sound sleezy now does it? Now that storyline is more of the storyline I’d like to forget. The movie has a very decent sub-plot between Yuk-Nam and Tso Tat-Wah (Simon Yam). Tat is known as the ‘HK King of Triads’, Yuk-Nam who is really a law student goes to interview him. Being with the the king of Triads you can expect trouble isn’t far away, both flee from a rival gang attack.

The both find out that Chuck is quite the evil geneus, he manages to convice the police and the courts that he’s a innocent man. With the police not planning to help, the situation is left to Yuk-Nam and Tat.

As you can expect from a catagory III rape/revenge flick it has its very very bad points key examples is include Mark Cheng masterbating whislt hanging upside down from the ceiling. But to put the ‘Icing’ on the Cat. III Cake Cheng ends up edjaculcating over the television, I was 9/10’s away from throwing up my lunch. As well has having several nude scenes mainly showing off his ass let alone his penis.

To even it out we get to see some female nuditiy from Chuck’s ex-girlfriend, Chu Kit-Man, Tat’s ex-girlfriend and Nam’s oprhange friend Man-Man, who also has AIDs, don’t worry it turns out that AID’s can be put to good use at the end of the movie.

Guest Appearances? Dennis Chan makes 2 breif appearances as Nam’s tutor. Lee Siu-Kei makes an appearance as the leading police officer. a young Nick Cheung also stars in the movie as Simon Yam’s triad lacky called ‘Dick’. ‘The Barbarian from Young & Dangerous 4 also makes an brief appearance as one of Chuck’s buddys who he gives the pleasure of letting him rape his victims.

Final thoughts, not a bad movie, I expected worse but Simon Yam saved it for us all!

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